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Truck Scale Automation Software

WeighRite is designed to act as a shipping and receiving attendant; tracking the deliveries and sales to and from your facility. With the use of a truck scale system and WeighRite, transactions over the platform are recorded and sent back to the office computer via an RF wireless signal. This allows for quick data analysis and inventory control.

WeighRite will automate task like:

  • Human data entry of weight tickets
  • Track entire a field's harvest as one load
  • Tracking On-Hand cost of commodities at your facility
  • Integration into FeedWatch
  • Tracking feed purchase and sale
  • Tracking your milk sales
  • Tracking cattle sales and purchase

Key Features of WeighRite

Eliminate Human Error
WeighRite will eliminate the costly human errors that can occur when trying to enter weight tickets. Weight-in, weight-out, time, and date are all wirelessly transferred to the WeighRite software for easy review and NOT entry. You accept after you enter key information like percent of Dry-Matter (DM%) and the cost/ton. This frees up your employees time to work on other important tasks rather than painfully entering data in.

Track Feed Purchase and Sales
With WeighRite's Attendant-less* automation services you can now track every feed load that comes over your scale. WeighRite will prompt the driver to chose what is being brought in and from who. Once the delivery is complete the driver "Out Weights" and 2 tickets are printed for their records and yours. WeighRite has eliminated the confusion when trying to remember where this weight ticket came from and what commodity was delivered.

Sales of feed are just as easy. The drive will lightweight his truck on the way in and Out Weight when leaving. Two tickets are printed so that a record of weight is giving to the purchaser.

Inventory Control
The WeighRite software not only acts as a scale attendant but also will help you control you inventories. You have multiple reports at your fingertips on how much on-hand weight and cost of all your commodities. Monitor when a commodity is getting low or what the total value of the commodities you have at your facility. Whenever you purchase or sell a commodity WeighRite will adjust these values to give you accurate figures.

Integration into FeedWatch
If you already own or plan to purchase FeedWatch, WeighRite integrates itself right in. With these two pieces of software your inventory of feed will be monitored and deducted as feed is being used. So at the end of the day you can view your inventory levels and know how much is out there.

Quickly process deliveries during harvest time
WeighRite will allow you to quickly weight trucks during harvest time and give accurate numbers of what was brought in. No more having a field attendant manually write down the truck number and weight as it passes over the scale. WeighRite will do the tracking for you. It's a painless and simple process. Just lightweight each mixer before the start of chopping, an ID is assigned to each truck. You enter multi-delivery mode in WeighRite and an attendant or the driver pulls on the scale and enters the ID. WeighRite captures the weight and lets the driver deliver the feed and go right back to the field.

Track milk sales
WeighRite will also help you track milk sales by having your milk truck weight as its coming to the dairy and as it leaves you will know exactly how much milk they picked up. This data is transferred to the computer so when you get you invoice back from the creamery you can enter your CWT and view the profit of that load.

Track cattle sale and deliveries
WeighRite will track the number of head coming and going from the dairy. The truck weights in and out and that gets transferred to the computer. WeighRite then can report on how many cows you sold or purchased.

"Passport" wireless hand-held device
The Passport can store information such as:

-  Driver's Name
-  Vendor
-  Commodity
-  Contract Number
-  Light-Weight of the truck

... and other important transaction information that is then passed wirelessly to the WeighRite system. This means that they driver doesn't even have to get out of the cab when he gets to your facility. Questions are asked on a super bright L.E.D. display, in which, the driver answers them with the easy-to-use remote control.

*where laws permit

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