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FOUR Reasons for Video Surveillance

You may be asking yourself, "Why would I want cameras on my dairy?" or "How would these cameras benefit my business?" Please consider the following...

  1. Theft and Vandalism - In these situations the more credible evidence you can provide to law enforcement the more likely they are to try and convict the perpetrator. Cameras will not only give you the opportunity to have this evidence but will also work as a deterrent against such crimes.
  2. Employee Management - Monitoring your employees daily routine can be a valuable management tool used for employee training or meeting sessions. You may also be able to reduce loss, waste and frivolous workers compensation suits.
  3. Facility Monitoring - Keeping an eye on your entire facility is practically impossible. A surveillance system can provide you with a watchful eye over maternity, feed lanes, commodities and many other vital areas.
  4. Remote Accessibility - You can access video at any time from anywhere with a computer and broadband internet connection. This allows you to keep an eye on your business while at home or away.

Valley Ag Software is a gold level solutions partner with Axis Communications. Axis is the world leader in network video products. Our expertise combined with Axis' superior imaging brings a high quality video security solution within your reach.

"The quality products and expertise of Valley Ag Software continue to grow. This year we started a dairy operation in Hanford, CA and have incorporated a VAS camera surveillance system into our management practices."

"The Axis IP cameras provide an incredibly clear color image with full recording capabilities."
Manny Avila - Cross Creek Dairy, CA

"Since installing your cameras we are able to monitor the dairy, even when we can't physically be there. We are able to monitor our parlor and have noticed an increase in the quality of work from our employees."

"The dairy business is very complicated and having that 'extra set of eyes' watching everything has been such a benefit to us"
David and Diane Alves - David Alves Dairy, CA

Valley Ag Software has the team and tools to make your video security deployment a success. We encourage you to speak with one of our representatives and log into our demo server today.

Hosted Demo Server

We have a live demonstration server available for you to evaluate for yourself the superior image quality of the Axis IP video cameras.

Username: tulareguest
Password: Chamber1

**NOTE: This is a hosted system that can also be viewed from your phones' browser or tablet.

Network Video Systems

An IP video surveillance system is able to transmit video over standard IP (Ethernet) networks, such as LAN's or the internet rather than traditional point-to-point cabling that analog systems require.

This allows for interoperability, providing a scalable, flexible and cost effective solution for a variety of applications.

With an IP based system we are able to reach out to those hard to get places on the dairy such as maternity, commodities, feed lanes, supply rooms and more.

A video surveillance system will provide you the opportunity to increase the efficiency, productivity and security of your business.

As networking technologies (wired and wireless) as well as IP video cameras continue to advance so will the options, possibilities and usability of these superior surveillance systems.


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