DairyCOMP 305 is the dairy industry's most advanced on-farm dairy management software program. DairyCOMP 305 does its job faster, easier and with more sophistication than any other method. This program has the tools necessary for keeping track of all cow information, i.e., reproduction, production and health. Meet the present and future record keeping challenges and stay competitive in the dairy industry with DairyCOMP 305.

DairyCOMP 305 features:

  • Speed. Fastest program for recording and getting information. Does away with all duplicate and many repetitive entries.
  • Flexibility. Can be customized to a variety of dairy management styles. Report variety limited only by the users imagination.
  • Compatibility. Connects with all cooperating DHIA centers.  Can calculate its own production information.
  • Sophistication.  Capable of connecting with on-farm milking systems.  Can transfer information to and from other computers.

Fast and Friendly

DairyCOMP 305 is a proven time-saver for both entering and retrieving information about a dairy herd. It has been shown to save over 50% of the time required recording daily information using manual cards. Duplicate entries are eliminated. For example: Breeding information is transferred as parentage information to a heifer calf's record when she is born. This user-friendly program can be modified so that various reports and default values are set to the dairyman's choices. The menu systems are setup to be easily followed, with a very helpful description of what each menu choice does.

Flexible and Adaptable

Flexibility is one of the cornerstones in the design of DairyCOMP 305. Each dairyman operates his dairy differently. Thus, an on-farm microcomputer program must possess adaptability. DairyCOMP 305 accepts each individual’s management practices and ideas and allows them to be put to greater use through the computer. The dairyman controls the variety of reports and worksheets that can be generated. Information can be reported or summarized for a wide variety of criteria, including breeding, somatic cell counts, milk production, calf raising and semen inventory as well as user defined criteria. Such flexibility is being used by a wide variety of dairymen - from those that have registered embryo transfer donors to those that are 100% bull bred. DairyCOMP 305 is being used throughout the USA, plus many countries around the world.

Combined Activity and Production Information

DairyCOMP 305 keeps production records together with the dairy activity information. This is done either with a DHIA interface which transfers information from cooperating DHIA centers or private testers, or by doing production calculations within the program. DairyCOMP 305 meets the standards set by the National DHIA for on-farm microcomputers. Production calculations use National DHIA formulas and tables.

Service and Support Minded

DairyCOMP 305 is marketed and supported by Valley Agricultural Software, the company that created the program and continually updates it. We are devoted to giving the very best customer service and support that can be found in the dairy industry. Questions are quickly answered, problems promptly solved and changes easily implemented over the telephone or in person, by a staff that understands both the program and the dairy industry. Try DairyCOMP 305 before purchasing any dairy herd management program and discover it is the fastest, friendliest, most flexible and adaptable program available. A free DEMO CD can be mailed to you that has a sample dairy herd for your review.


Current Program Features:

  • Report writing functions limited only by imagination and sorting criteria
  • Ability to graph and/or plot most cow, group or herd items against time or other items
  • Over 250 individual items are tracked per animal with ability to add others at any time
  • Six pages of information per animal, including past lactations, DHI test data and individual cow lactation curves
  • Herd health features such as entering diseases and treatments, producing vet lists and analyzing re-occurrences
  • Interfacing with various testing services, including DHIA and private firms, milk meters and other software
  • Analyze reproductive data based on sires, studs, technicians, breeding codes, day of the week, etc...
  • Monitor herd performance on different parameters: production, SCC, inventory, herd health, etc...
  • Monitor bulk tank SCC based on herd and individual cow basis, along with current market prices
  • Track your own semen inventory (track bull ID, tank ID, cost, # units, etc...)
  • Track 800 active AI sires using current proofs; review individual sires, print lists, analyze sires and service sires and produce least-cost sire analysis
  • Monitor bulk tank SCC based on herd and individual cow basis, along with current market prices
  • And many more features to numerous to list....

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