Clearwire Wireless Broadband


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• Go online at home or anywhere in our coverage area.
• Clearwire’s advanced technology has greater range than Wi-Fi
• Transmits signal through the air — not through wires.

• Easier setup than DSL or cable.
• No technicians. No software. No waiting.
• Just plug the modem into a wall outlet, and start surfing.






• Download pictures, music and videos.
• All the speed you need - up to 1.5 Mbps.
• No need for a phone line. Or cable connection.

• No waiting for connections.
• Designed with built-in security..
• It’s our network – we own it, we operate it.


Not just different — it’s better.

More and more people are switching to Clearwire, and for good reasons. Our plug-and-play technology makes setup faster than DSL or cable.  Because it’s wireless, you can take your internet service with you — anywhere in our coverage area.  And Clearwire is 25 times faster than dial-up*. Plus, it’s always on. Always secure.



Compare and you’ll see — the clear choice is Clearwire


For More Info or To Order Call:  888-225-6753

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