Team :


I recently realized that my Norton system scan wasn't running

even though it was properly set up in the task scheduler. Turns

it had to do with blank passwords for Windows logons.


With some Google Group searching I found this useful info :



Those of you having a problem with the scheduler might want to

check this out.  Worked for me.  I did notice that if the task

already exists you have to add it then delete it before the change takes effect.



The relevant section states :

Scheduled Tasks - Applying/Running tasks without a password

For Pro:  Go to Start/Administrative Tools/'Local Security Policy/Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options
Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only. This is enabled by default, disable it.

For Home: (Keith Miller) Go to Start/Run/Regedit and navigate to this key:

Value name: limitblankpassworduse, Type: REG_DWORD, Data: 0 (disabled) 1 (enabled)

For Home: Run Scheduled Task without a Password (Line 67)