Iconnect and Norton Internet Security


Iconnect uses Internet Protocol communications to post data to VAS servers. If Norton Internet Security is installed on the users system, it must be configured to allow programs to connect to our servers. One way to do this is to permit connections for a particular program such as iconnect.exe. While this does work, we have to repeat the process every time we do a web update because Norton Internet Security sees a “new” program.


A more permanent solution to add rules in the advanced configuration dialogs of Norton Internet security.


Find the orange icon on the Window task bar, and double click it   


Select Status & Settings, Personal Firewall and click the “Configure” button.



Select the advanced pane.


Select General Rules


To add an “Iconnect Rule”, Click Add and select the “Permit” radio button


Select “Connections to other computers”


For the most security, select “Only the computers and sites listed below” then add the names “www.vas.com”, “help1.valleyagsoftware.com” and “help2.valleyagsoftware.com”.



Select TCP and “Only the types of communication or ports listed below”, then click Add.


Now Select the “Individually specified ports” and enter 8080 (for dc server) and 5800, 5900 (for incoming vnc).



Choose TCP, then select Next,


Select Next


Enter “Iconnect Rule” in the description field


Check all and select next


Select Finish


Confirm you have the new Iconnect rule by scrolling down the rules table